Fastest ever Ecological Restoration of a Waterbody by TGHF

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We did the transformation of a black, stinking, dirty dead water pond to a Green, Clean and Alive water body in three days flat @ Oxygen Park, Morabadi, Ranchi – the state Capital of Jharkhand.

Day-1, Black, stinky, dead water

Day-3, Clean & Green water

The event by covered by many news agencies & print media. Followingis the detailed report on the event;

TatavGyan Humanity Foundation conducted the fastest ever water body remediation project in the State Capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi. The Oxygen Park, in Morabadi, in back of Ranchi University. – 12th February, 2017

Jharkhand state has faced acute water shortage problem in calendar year 2016. The problem was grave to the extent that some media houses and newspaper reported it as “water crisis” and “water emergency” too. There were reports of student being unable to attend the schools, a villager committing suicide for not getting water till 700 ft. that was alarmingly scary, as the underground water level had depleted to that lower level.

All that was a cause of concern for everyone in the state and the administration. But a few visionary people don’t just discuss problem in various forums, but also take some decisive actions. One such personality in the state of Jharkhand was Mr. Manoj Prasad.

Upon invitation from an eminent journalist, columnist, environmentalist and sociologist from the state of Jharkhand, Mr. Manoj Prasad, TGHF team including Mr. Madhukar Swayambhu (Trustee, TGHF) went for a detailed presentation and a live demonstration of the latest technological breakthrough in water body remediation sector. Mr. Prasad being the Editor-in-Chief of most authentic news portal of the state , is among the who’s who of the state and has a rich experience of being the state correspondent for The Indian Express for over 20 years. As a concerned citizen, when he came across our article and case studies on the web, he invited us to the state for a presentation and a live demonstration.

The Technology

During our research on the subject of water pollution, we realised the key mistake that has been done the world over. The water pollution is being sort out largely by three methods across the globe – Chemically, Physically or Biologically. it is because of the basic understanding that water is also a substance that can be cleaned provided the pollutants are filtered out. Thus there is a process of dredging (physically) to take out the sludge from the bottom of the water-body (river, drain, lake etc.), or there is a sedimentation process (physically) or they put some chemicals to react with the pollutant chemicals or they do some biological treatment with cyno-bacteria. Why all of them are not sustainable is just because they didn’t understand water at all.

We consider water as a Living being. And this created a sea change difference in our approach. Water pollution is an ecological problem and thus has to be solved ecologically. That is the natural process and is thus the most sustainable way to restore aquatic ecology. Therefore it is the fastest process. Like any living being water too needs food to eat, air to breathe, fire to digest, cosmic energy to blossom and positive energy, aura and memories to sustain the atrocities of pollution through anthropological activities. We do just that and it come back to life. And Living water is capable to taking care of the pollutants on its own and thus the solution becomes sustainable till the time the extent of pollution doesn’t cross the capability of curing of the living water. The day it exceeds, the aqua immune system would need a booster dose again.

The Event

Sunday, 12th February, 2017, an event was conducted in the IAS club, Ranchi Jharkhand, attended by various dignitaries, press and the stake holders of the administration including eminent personalities like senior journalist, Rajya Sabha MP, from the state and various IAS officers. The event was coordinated by Mr. Sanjay Singh from IICM and hosted by Mr. Manoj Prasad. A detailed technology presentation on the latest breakthrough solution on water body remediation was done by Mr. Madhukar Swayambhu, followed by a live demonstration at Oxygen Park, Morabadi, Ranchi. The concentrate was diluted in fresh water and dosing of the diluted solution was done in the Ganapati Kund with buckets and mugs. Everyone contributed towards the remediation process including the eminent personalities present during the event. The first dosing being done by Mr. SK Satapathy, Principle Secretary to the Hon’ble Governor of the State of Jharkhand.

The Venue – Oxygen Park, Morabadi

Chief minister Hemant Soren laid the foundation stone of Oxygen Park in Morhabadi on Wednesday, Jul 31, 2014, during the 65th Van Mahotsav celebrations. The project was proposed on 11 acres of waste land and was allocated with a budget of Rs. 8.5 crores.

The park has tiled pathways, boundary walls, sports facilities, amphitheater, landscaping, seating arena and many other facilities like medicinal park, aquatic garden (including two ponds – Surya Kund & Ganapati Kund), children’s zone and fountains. Speaking on the occasion, CM Soren had said, “If the trees and plants die, people will also die. Keeping this in mind the Oxygen Park foundation has been laid here to save the environment.” Every official present at the programme planted a tree by his name. The 70 per cent land of the park is dedicated to the trees, around 20 per cent to the flowering trees and remaining 10 per cent to flowering plants.

The two water bodies in the park are on the basis of two different sources of water. The “Surya Kund” is dug deep to have the underground water as the key source of water, but The “Ganapati Kund” was planned to have the run-off water due to the natural slope that existed. After almost two years of laying the foundation stone, the Park is now in good shape and many people can be seen around in the morning and evening hours around the park. As the water bodies are there on the other end of the park and The “Ganapati Kund” had rotten, black dead water, with no life and a foul smell around. The water was covered by Blue green algae to almost 80-85% of the surface water. On the other hand The “Surya Kund” has fresh water, since the source was uncontaminated.


The Process

Day-1, 10th February, 2017 – spotting the most polluted water body. Though almost all the water bodies around were polluted and didn’t have drinkable water, but the need was to find out a waterbody that was the most polluted possible. We were looking at a waterbody with absolutely black and dead water. Our host Mr. Manoj Prasad along with Mr. Madhukar, personally went around to spot a water body that was stinking and had no life at all. After looking at Karamtoli pond, Ranchi lake, Kanke water reservoir, even the pond at the IAS club itself, we finally arrived at the Oxygen park.

Day-2, 11th February, 2017 – As we had zeroed upon The Ganapati Kund in the Oxygen Park, that was having stinking black & dead water covered with Blue Green Algae, the first step was to get the surface cleaned physically, for removal of the surface algae. Five laborers were deputed by the forest department that was developing the oxygen park, to get the surface algae removed and the clean up the surrounding area. By 1300 hours on day – 2, almost 80-85% of the water surface was cleaned.

Day-3, 12th February, 2017 – The day started a little early at 0730 hours at the IAS club. All the dignitaries had assembled by 0745 hours. The event started with the celebration of the birthday of Mr. Satapathy with cutting of the cake, balloons and party crackers. Mr. Sanjay Singh, did the welcome address for all the eminent personalities. And the event started with a video of the famous bhajan, from the Hollywood movie “Nanak Shah Fakir” – “Gagan mein thal”. The Bhajan written by Guru Nanak Dev himself, conveys the message of importance of nature and how the Aarti is being conducted by Mother Earth to Sun God, and all of us a just a part of it. The TGHF technology presentation started at 0830 hours and went on till 1000 hours, after which all the people moved to the Oxygen Park.

With half day of sunlight and almost 20 hours of contact with atmospheric oxygen, the color of water had turn grey from the stark black on day-1.the organic plant extract solution concentrate was diluted in fresh water (approximately 20 buckets) and the dosing was done by all the dignitaries from all sides of the pond, the first being done by Mr. Satapathy himself. Within half an hour, lots of oxygen bubbles could be spotted on the surface of the water, which meant that the dissolved oxygen level had started to increase. The foul smell disappeared within 4hours of dosing.

Day-4, 13th February, 2017 – Again everyone assembled at 0730 hours at the Ganapati Kund and the same dosing process was repeated with 10 buckets of fresh water this time. After dosing, when we observed the water closely, we were able to spot tiny black dots moving in water, that was the return of life to the waterbody – the zooplanktons. The life was back in the Ganapati Kund now. The water was clean and green now. By evening, birds were spotted near the water body. And the proof of concept was completed successfully. Though the next day, yet another dosing was done with 10 buckets of fresh water for a better future of the water body, but the life had returned the third day itself.

Date wise Summary of the event


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