We’ve identified education as the key enabler because it changes the way one lives. The way one leads his life. The way one tackles the problems and the way one seeks himself.

The process of education driving to happiness is again summarized wonderfully in a Sanskrit shloka, described as under:


“Knowledge gives humility, from humility, one attains character; from character, one acquires wealth; from wealth good deeds (righteousness) follow and then happiness”.

We need to acknowledge here that by education, we don’t intent to tame people and put everyone in the same slot. Our idea of education is primarily skill development and knowledge acquisition. We don’t intend to make every flower a rose, but appreciate a sunflower, a lotus, a rose, a marigold in their own capacity. The differentiations in nature are of peers, are of horizontals.

Projects makes the resources available to the people, so that they become more Aware, Intelligent and Creative towards their Life. We help them to overcome their inhibitions and realize their inner potential, which gives meaning to their life. A life with a purpose adds meaning to life, leading to Prosperity, Happiness and Peace.

Key Elements Of Life