As the saying goes, “health is wealth”, therefore health becomes an integral part for providing happiness. The importance however is understood when the absence of wellness is there.

Unlike education, this is acquired by default and practiced throughout the life, but the concept of dependency starts from being deprived of physical or mental ability of working, decision making.

Similar to the English proverb, we have a Sanskrit shloka outlining the importance of the well-being and good health as described below:

आरोग्यंविद्वत्तासज्जनमैत्रीमहाकुलेजन्म |
स्वाधीनताचपुंसांमहदैश्वर्यंविनाप्यर्थे: ||

“Wellness, knowledge, company of good people, good bloodline and independence are the traits to be proud of even without any other worldly wealth”.

Project focuses on helping people to remain healthy in both Physical and Mental aspect of their life. Rejuvenating Human Mental Strength leads to a self-healing Physical Body out of healthy life style. Creating awareness about the role of Mental health in keeping one a Physically Fit Human. We make people move out of a rat race of Competition, Comparison and Categorization, to live a life without Stress, Tension and Anxiety.

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