What We Do

“Tatav-Gyan” has multiple dimensions and axis’s, with different meanings and unique philosophies attached to it.

“Tatav-Gyan” probably is the most common and at the same time most sacred piece of knowledge that the humanity is seeking since ages. This is the knowledge that makes India – the “oldest surviving” civilization in the world, at the same time, this is the knowledge for which India has been the “most attacked” civilization in the world.

“Tatav Gyan” can be translated as knowing the “One” from His “element” or “the core”. Element here can be the normal chemistry definition too, which says “A substance composed of atoms having an identical number of protons in each nucleus. Elements cannot be reduced to simpler substances by normal chemical means.” So it knowing God from His element. That is something which can’t be documented. It can only be experienced.

As we know we have five sensory organs and thus five subjects for each one of them; smell for nose, sound for ears, taste for tongue, touch for skin and sight for eyes, and these can’t be mixed. One can’t see with nose or smell with eyes. We sense this world with these organs and want to test “The One” with the same, which is beyond this world.

The day we move beyond, would be the day, when we get to know the “The One” from “His Element”. – That’s “Tatav- Gyan”.

In Indian Philosophy, we have a term called “Sarvagya” , which literally means – The one who has the complete knowledge of the world , which philosophically means, the one who isn’t left with the curiosity to know “The One” – That’s “Tatav Gyan”.

“Tatav” means “Element” and “Gyan” mean “knowledge”. Translating that “Tatav – Gyan” would mean “Elementary Knowledge-The Fundamentals of Life”.

The obvious question is elementary knowledge of what? So when we look at the complete name of the organization is becomes self-explanatory – “TatavGyan Humanity Foundation” the elementary knowledge of humanity and its foundation.

So what are the elements of humanity? Or what is the foundation of humanity? Or what are the elements of the foundation of humanity? Or simply what is the essence of humanity?

It is summarized in a very beautiful verse in Sanskrit:


The essence of humanity is – “Happiness for all, wellness for all, see divine in all and prevent sorrow for everyone.”

So this is our motive at TatvaGyan Humanity Foundation – to serve the humanity and ensure “Happiness for all, wellness for all, see divine in all and prevent sorrow for everyone.”

In order to achieve its core objectives, TGHF has been frozen on the five pillars to build the edifice in which we would be able to achieve our motive for ensuring service to humanity.

Our focus remains around the Domains that help people to overcome their “Fear and Hunger”, thus facilitating in regaining their lost self-worth as an individual. Each fear and hunger in itself are multi-faceted. For example,

Fear – from mainstream, from modern technology, from information, from knowledge.

Fear – of ignorance, of immaturity, of lack of education, of lack of opportunity, of lack of acceptance.

Similarly for hunger;

Its hunger – of food, of knowledge, of opportunities, of resources, of independence, of power, of being at par with rest of the world.

We’ve therefore, to enable people for a better life, have selected five domains as the five key elements of life, which are listed as under;

Key Elements Of Life