Bindu Sagar Lake

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Bindu Sagar is one of the heritage and holy lakes in Bhubaneswar City. Covering an area of about 7.4 ha, the lake is located in the heart of the old city, and is surrounded by many temples and monuments. The average water depth is about 2.5 m. The lake used to receive water through a wide channel on its south which has been completely blocked by roads and buildings. The upstream feeder channel is heavily silted up and infested with weeds.

Bindu Sagar Lake is located in the right side of the Talabazar road leading from Kedargouri Chowk to Lingaraja Temple, Old Town, Bhubaneswar. The lake is enclosed within a masonry embankment made of dressed laterite blocks. It is the largest water body of Bhubaneswar. All the rituals of Lord Lingarajaa are closely associated with this lake.

Surrounding – The tank has embankments on all the four sides. The temple of Ananta Vasudeva stands on the eastern embankment across the road, Mohini temple in southern embankment at a distance of 13 m (43 ft), Markandesvara temple in south-eastern embankment within a distance of 20 m (66 ft), Uttaresvara temple precinct in northern embankments.

Orientation – Bathing ghats are provided with steps made of large size laterite blocks in all sides.

Architectural features – Rectangular on plan measuring 450 m (1,480 ft) in length, 175 m (574 ft) in breadth and 7 m (23 ft) in depth. At the centre of the tank there is a pidha shrine what the locals call as Jagati. During the Chandan Yatra, held in the month of May, Lord Lingaraja visits the shrine by navigating through a boat. Chandan Yatra is the main function of the tank associated with Lord Lingaraja.

The tank is surrounded by a series of shrines. Eastern embankment: Dwarabasini, Ananta Vasudeva, Brahma, Hanuman etc. Western Embankments: Lingaraja rest house, Nilakanthesvara, Akhadachandi, Paschimesvara and Markandesvara Temple.Northern embankments: Uttaresvara Temple precinct, Emara Matha, Southern embankment: Swarnadhiswara Bhabanisankar, Sari Deula, Mohini temple, Akhandalamani / Panchanana etc.

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