What is TatavGyan?

TatavGyan Humanity Foundation is GoI registered NGO since 2014, with a valid IT exemption under section 80 (G) and 12 (A).


What is Project Jal?

Project Jal – is a TGHF initiative for ecological restoration and rejuvenation of Waterbodies across the country to reinstate the Water abundance in the country.


How do I get involved?

In our country, all natural Waterbodies are Government properties, therefore before attempting any restoration Work, we need to have requisite permission from the Government Authorities.

And for execution of any project, there is a finance involved.

Therefore getting involved with Project Jal has just three simple steps to fulfill both the above requirements;

1-     Register yourself.

2-     Sign the petition and share it in your circle for support.

3-     Donate or help in fundraising for the project close to your heart.

With the signed petition, we can approach the governing authority to grant us a permission for restoration and rejuvenation of the Waterbody.

And with the collected funds, we can execute the project.


Why is public support required?

Water is needed by all organisms, but it is wasted only by humans. Thus it is our collective responsibility to undo the harm caused by us.

And finally restoration is going to benefit everyone, thus public support is mandatory.


But isn’t this supposed to be done by Government?

Government is doing it for last 40 years. Primarily the activities they are doing includes;

i)          Rain Water Harvesting – collecting and dumping the Water in the ground, so that it gets soaked in the ground and help enriching the underground aquifer.

ii)         Plantation drives – planting more and more trees towards creating a greener planet.

iii)        Restoration of Waterbodies so as to make sweet drinkable Water available and last but not the least,

iv)        Sewage Treatment Plants – so that sewage (which is 95% fresh Water) could be reused reducing the extraction of more underground Water.

But the situation has worsened, instead of improving.

Primarily because their approach is physics / chemistry / biology – but Water is ecology, therefore the solutions being applied by Governments aren’t sustainable.


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