Project - COMONDO

COws, MONkeys & DOgs. (COMONDO) In urban India, these three animals are disowned most often. No one takes them in houses, no one takes a responsibility and no one wants to own them either. All of them are menace for the society. Every now and then the newspapers keep reporting about the menace caused due to these stray animals.

Often the kids in urban areas feel horrified with them. They bite the passersby. Society maids, helpers, sweepers and security guards often get bitten by them. People are getting sick of their very existence. Some people go to the extent of raising the question on their existence itself. That’s why we get to know about “mass killings of dogs in Kerala” kind of news, as reported by many newspapers in the August – September, 2015.

And look at their population, it keeps on increasing on a daily basis. Ultimately, it’s a matter of Urban Sanitation. We need our children and our people safe. We need to get rid of this menace – right?

But what’s the way out? Kill them? Can you stop a species to exist? Are we capable of fighting with the nature?

We can’t fight with nature, in fact our fight with nature has only created this problem. The rapid urbanization has resulted into cutting of the forest at mass scale, and that is why the monkeys are out in the urban areas. The cattle population, is again a resultant of the massive milk production, and replacement of existing Cows with Buffalos during “white revolution”.

The poor condition of these three species, which had a respectable position in the Indian society at one point in time, is not just a pity for them, but for the society as well. The value system is abolished today. The purposeful sabotage of the Indian education and value system, done by the British government post 1857, has now reached the pinnacle. That’s why, today the ministry of social justice has to come with a campaign that – “taking care your old age parents, to whom you are a legal heir, is not just your responsibility, but their legal right too. A non-compliance to this is a legal offence.” That’s the state of our society today. 

So what’s the way out? 

For all the present day solutions, the key is in our past. Vedic India was one of the most developed societies of the man kind and they had learnt to live in peace and harmony with nature. They had the technology & science and had found out the logical solutions to the urban & rural problems of developed societies. So let’s have a look at our past.

In our olden days, we had a culture of taking out the first roti for the cow and the last one for the dog. Monkeys were the representation of Hanuman Ji, thus they were always given food and people never used to get fed up of them. But why did they do so?

The simple answer was – utilizing & channelizing the free energy for a positive outcome.

Now let’s take a brief understanding on how we can utilize these menace creating creatures to our advantage. In order to understand that, we need to develop and understanding of these species first.

Let’s begin with Cows.

We all know that in Vedic India, Cows was considered Holy and had the repute of being called mother. Ever wondered why? 

It is because, Cows are the only animal breed, which is totally meant for human benefit. Today we use only milk, and when the cow stops giving milk, it is abandoned or sold to the butchery. The reason is a “dead cow is considered more economically beneficial than a live cow”. But that wasn’t the case in Vedic India.

So let’s understand what all a cow can give us – milk, cow dung & urine.

These are the only three things that a cow can give daily. Milk again is for limited time.

But all these are there from Buffalos, Goats, Camels, Horses every mammal species. Then why is only Cow holy, and not others?

So let move to science now. What has science to say on the Cow’s – milk, cow dung & urine, that differential them from rest of the mammals?

That’s the chemical analysis of the cow dung. As you can see, there is Nitrogen (N), that’s common in all excreta,  but following that are rare minerals like Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium(Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulphur (S), Iron (Fe), Aluminum (Al), Sodium (Na) – as the major elements and Zinc (Zn), Boron (B), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Selenium (Se), Arsenic (As), Cobalt ( Co) and Chromium (Cr) as the trace elements. – This chemical composition makes it is a very unique product. And thus there are various usage of this. Let’s have a look at the possible usage –

  • It’s a mosquito and house fly repellant. If you remember, in olden days, and even today in villages, cow dung is used for smearing the houses and the sitting places for panchayats below any tree called “chabutra” / bandstand.
  • It’s anti-radiation. If you enter any house smeared with cow dung, your mobile signals will go weak. And if the amount of cow dung used for smearing was good enough, you’ll out of the network coverage.
  • Its combustible, thus used as fuel. Now we also have cooking gas & CNG produced out of cow dung. And the cow dung cakes are on sale on these days.
  • If you look at the trace elements, those are the exactly the same required for plant growth, that’s why it is used as a manure.
  • Cow dungs solidifies when dried, thus it is used for making bricks and pots as well. Plants are healthier in these pots, as they are more aerated and give the right nourishment to the plants by helping them with trace elements.
Now let’s look at the cow Urine too.

The key ingredients of Cow urine are – Urokinase, Epithelium growth factor, Colony stimulating factor, Growth hormone, Erythropoetine, Gonadotropins, Tripsyn inhibitor, Allantoine, Anti-cancer substance – Anti-neoplaston, H-11 beta-iodole-acetic acid, Directine, 3-methylgloxal, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Ammonia, Copper, Iron, Phosphate, Sodium, Potassium, Manganese, Carbolic Acid, Calcium, Salts, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Lactose Sugar, Enzymes, Water, Hippuric Acid, Creatinine. Thus there are huge medicinal usage of Cow urine. The treatment is so huge that there’s a medicine stream called “Cowpathy”. And there are a lot of treatments for a lot of diseases there, even including acute problem like Cancer. In fact, there’s a website that has reported that an AIDS patient got cured through cowpathy. (visit the following link to confirm 


Those were the usage for using cow dung & cow urine as it is. And if you extract the minerals, those minerals are required in making everyday use products from phenyl to after shave lotion, from hand wash to dish wash, soaps to shampoos and what not. Vedic Cownomics Pvt. Ltd. is one company that has over 125 products made out of just the three cow products – milk, cow dung & cow urine.

“Panchagavya or panchakavyam is a concoction prepared by mixing five products of cow. The three direct constituents are cow dung, urine, and milk; the two derived products are curd and ghee.” – says WiKipedia.

As far as milk is concerned, we are very well aware of its fact more 80% of the Indian deserts are made out of milk or milk products. Ghee, curd, yogurt, shreekhand, cheese, butter – all are milk products only. But for new born babies, other than the mother’s milk, cow’s milk is the only milk that can be fed, since it is the closest to the mother’s milk. Free from fat, and rich in minerals & vitamins. It’s a complete balanced meal.

Now that the need of Cows is understood, let’s move to the next species – the Monkey

(Macaca Mulatta)

The Indian Monkey - rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) is one of the best-known species of Old World monkeys. It is listed as least concern in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in view of its wide distribution, presumed large population, and its tolerance of a broad range of habitats. Native to South, Central, and Southeast Asia, troops of M. mulatta inhabit a great variety of habitats, from grasslands to arid and forested areas, but also close to human settlements. The rhesus macaque is well known to science. Due to its relatively easy upkeep in captivity, wide availability, and closeness to humans anatomically and physiologically, it has been used extensively in medical and biological research on human and animal health-related topics. Other medical breakthroughs facilitated by the use of the rhesus macaque include:



  • Development of the rabies, smallpox, and polio vaccines
  • Creation of drugs to manage HIV/AIDS
  • Understanding of the female reproductive cycle and development of the embryo and the propagation of embryonic stem cells.
  • The U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, and NASA launched rhesus macaques into outer space during the 1950s and 1960s, and the Soviet/Russian space program launched them into space as recently as 1997 on the Bion missions. One of these primates (“Able”), which was launched on a suborbital spaceflight in 1959, was among the first living beings (along with “Miss Baker” on the same mission) to travel in space and return alive.
  • On October 25, 1994, the rhesus macaque became the first cloned primate with the birth of Tetra.



Now let’s have a look on their capabilities –

  • They can swim.
  • They can climb.
  • They are adaptable to any environment.
  • They are omnivorous.
  • They are intelligent.
  • They are trainable.
  • They aren’t afraid of fire like most of the animals.


Many people would have seen a “madari” as a kid. Those were the people who used to catch monkeys, train them and used to show the monkey’s performance for earning their bread.

The above properties make them a wonderful workforce for disaster management. Be it climbing a high-rise during a fire emergency or flood relief. Or maybe early warning of a natural calamity like earth quake.

Now let’s come to the Man’s best friend – The Dog.

We see dogs all around, near the wastage bins, near trash, below the car, in the parking lot, but no one is ready to take the ownership of these stray dogs. In spite of the fact that 67% of India falls in the dog-lover category, and more than 2.3 million have supported the cause of people against animal cruelty and got associated with agencies like PETA, PFA, PAWS, Redpaws etc. isn’t that an Irony? If there are so many dog lovers, why does cruelty against dogs exist? People give biscuits, breads, milk etc. to these dogs, but no one wants to take them home. The question is: WHY? If you love them, feed them, care for them, then what’s the issue? And the simple answer is – that not everyone could be a dog trainer. People feel that medication is a costly affair. People are scared for their kids and elderly parents.

Now let’s looks into some finer details;

  • Did you know that the Indian breed of dogs have a larger brain size, perfect for grasping the training lessons?
  • Did you know that the Indian breeds of dogs have better intellect than that of the foreign dogs like Pugs, Pomeranians, Chihuahua, Maltese, Charles Spaniel, Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier etc.?
  • Did you know that the Indian breeds of dogs are much more suited for Indian environment and have a stronger immune system?
  • And, Did you know that there are Indian breed of dogs too? Ever heard of Bakharwal dog, Bully dog, Chippiparai, Combai, Guddy dog, Indian Spitz, Kaikadi , Kanni ,Kumaon Mastiff, Mahratta Greyhound, Mudhol Hound, Indian pariah dog, Rajapalayam (dog), Rampur Greyhound, Sinhala Hound, Vanjari Hound – all these are Indian breed of dogs

Interesting facts about them is that – they can be trained into rescue dogs, care dogs, family dogs, guard dogs, farm dogs, shepherd dogs, retriever dogs and so on.

  • They can be trained to help disabled and aged people.
  • They can help blind people cross roads;
  • They can rescue people during earthquakes and floods.
  • The foreign breeds are used by army, police and para-military force for various operations, but the Indian breeds can perform better.

Did you ever experience the sixth sense of a dog? Actually they can hear and smell a few 100 times more than us, so they are able to feel, what we can’t.  They can feel the natural calamity before it happens.

Not many people know that Indian breed of Dogs are much more robust for Indian environment and have a higher intellect than many of the foreign breeds of dogs. They can be trained as rescue dogs, care dogs, family dogs, guard dogs, farm dogs, shepherd dogs, retriever dogs and so on.

Project: COMONDO

All across India, we’ve seen three species of mammals, which are disowned by the homo-sapience, namely CO – cow (Bos Indicus), MON – monkey (Rhesus macaque) & DO – dogs (Canis lupus familiaris), namely COMONDO.  To the society at large, the perception is – that these three animals are useless, can’t contribute to the society and are utter wastage. In spite of the fact that;

  • Dog is considered to be Man’s best friend since ages.
  • Indian history has depicted many wonderful accomplishments of the monkey army during Ram-Ravan war, one of the still surviving structures being the bridge between India & Sri Lanka even visible from space.
  • And finally Cow – which was once having a stature of mother in Indian society. The Holy Cow. Today, even the mother is milked till it is possible and then abandoned.

We need to rescue them, groom them, sanitize them, medicate them, mentor them into beautiful beings and coach them to suit the human society that’s it. Each of those beautiful dogs could be made useful for society. Instead of a stray menace, they can be transformed into assets for the society.

Similarly, Indian monkeys can be trained for fetch, rescue and retrievers.

And the Holy Cow – Not many people know that Indian & African Cow breeds are the only breeds which give A2 category of milk, which is best suited for human consumption. The European breeds like Jersey give A1 category of milk, which has been clinically proven to be harmful for human consumption.

We’ve done a lot of brain storming before choosing the subject and naming this project of ours. The underlying philosophy was to do basic management in the society to make life easier with a very humane approach towards of species too. The project is about rescue & rehabilitation of the three categories of animals. We plan to rescue them, groom them, sanitize them, medicate them, prepare them into beautiful beings and prepare them to suit the human society.

Our idea is to restore. Channelize the energy in the right direction. Set the axis right and change the dynamics. But we need support to execute this project. We need space, we need money – what we can do is conceive the idea and arrange the resources to execute it.

Just one single project of COMONDO would bring down the city’s crime rate by over 50% – of the unorganized crime. Just two guards can guard the whole society of 1000 + families, if they have just 20-25 trained dogs with them.

Just one project can build a strong disaster recovery force that is not vulnerable to human issues.

Just one project can solve the cow slaughter problem Just one cow can take care of a whole family, if they start making products out of cow dung, cow urine and milk.

We got You !!! Just be Original ***